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QBook.org, created by researchers for researchers, can help with proofreading, editing and translation within the context of highly demanding top level journals.

QBook proofreaders/translators are experienced researchers with publications in numerous EI, SCI, and SSCI journals.  They can help with special issues in your manuscript, such as translation, editing, revising, or responding to reviewers' comments and/or editors' requests.

Writing Effective Sentences, Paragraphs and Essays

QEC cloud software increases learners' English writing skills while decreasing teacher workload.  Automated guidelines help learners while writing.  QEC helps learners obtain skills faster and more conveniently than ever.  Feedback is automated and can be accessed from anywhere. 

Writing Effective Research Papers, Proposals, & Reports

QRP cloud software increases learners' English research paper writing skills while decreasing teacher workload. Every section of a research paper includes automated guidance, helping you to write better research papers.

Writing Winning Business Letters

QBL lets you complete business letters totally online from anywhere at any time over the Web! QBL makes writing business communications easy.  Great for learners and teachers who can give students feedback over the Web.

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