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Quick English Compositions (QEC) Self-Learning Software as a Service (1 year subscription)


Quick Overview

This package includes:
A. 1 QEC self-learning account (1 year subscription)
B. 1 Quick English Compositions: Writing Effective Paragraphs and Essays (EBook or Paperback)

System Login Page (QBook Writing Center)
QEC Self-Learner Manual
QBook Writing Center App
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The optimum approach to process learning and deep learning!

QEC Software as a Service (SaaS) description:

QEC self-learning software is a cloud software platform that can be used in IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, as well as on iPads, Android tablets, and smartphones, to increase learners' English writing skills. 

The global environment demands English writing skill today. QEC (Quick English Compositions) helps learners understand and practice English composition skills.  Automated guidelines help learners while writing. All in the cloud, QEC helps learners obtain skills faster and more conveniently than ever. Feedback is automated and can be accessed from anywhere on any device. This system enables learners to develop and expand knowledge of words and word meanings to increase vocabulary, strengthen syntactic and semantic skills, and enhance critical thinking skills.

Features include:

  • Redrafting and process writing are enabled. This improves learning and achieves the goal of learning by doing, doing by learning, and improving through doing.
  • QEC is totally online, in the cloud, no need to install or download software.
  • Interface language is interchangeable at any time for a localized experience or to practice more English use; you can also pick your own theme.
  • The system allows you to write as many words as you want.
  • Learners can complete writing from anywhere, no need to use a computer lab because work can be accessed through any wireless connection, such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.
  • Big Data Analytics: Available error statistics for each assignment enable the individual learner to accurately target weaknesses to improve. Learners can collect, track, and analyze their own writing details, helping to understand and overcome learning bottlenecks.
  • Learners can practice writing:
    A. Sentence Patterns:
    1. Simple Sentence
    2. Complex Sentence
    3. Compound Sentence
    4. Compound-Complex Sentence
    5. Topic Sentence
    6. Supporting Sentence
    7. Concluding Sentence
    B. Paragraphs and Essays:
    1. Admission
    2. Analysis
    3. Autobiography
    4. Argumentation
    5. Cause and Effect
    6. Comparison and Contrast
    7. Critique
    8. Definition
    9. Description
    10. Division and Classification
    11. Evaluation
    12. Exemplification
    13. Explication
    14. Exposition
    15. Invitation
    16. Journal
    17. Literature
    18. Narration
    19. Opinion
    20. Persuasion
    21. Problem-Solution
    22. Process
    23. Resignation
    24. Reflection
    25. Review
    26. Rhetoric
    C. Others:
    1. GEE
    2. GEPT
    3. TOEFL
    4. Other Composition Type
    5. Exercise (Units 1~17)
  • Each writing type can be used in up to nine different writing topics.
  • Each essay type includes Help Notes, containing built-in writing guidelines on writing style, content, and format with examples to guide learners in practicing writing.
  • This system provides a Help Video with a 60-second demonstration on every page.
  • The learner's work and rework are automatically saved. Furthermore, the system can quickly cloud auto grade the learner's work and/or redrafts.
  • QEC can be used to prepare for English written examinations, for example, college entrance exams, CEE, CET, GEPT, GRE, PETS, TOEFL, etc.

Table of Contents:
Part I Markings
Unit 1 Quotation Marks
Unit 2 Colon & Dash
Unit 3 Two Commas
Unit 4 Single Comma
Unit 5 Semicolon
Unit 6 Writing a List
Unit 7 Possessive Form
Unit 8 Capitalization
Part II Sentences
Unit 9 Parallelism
Unit 10 Pronoun
Unit 11 Verb-Noun Agreement
Unit 12 Countable Noun/Noun Phrase
Unit 13 Verb Tense
Unit 14 Sentence Fragments
Unit 15 Comma Splice
Unit 16 Number
Unit 17 Connectors
Part III Paragraphs
Unit 18 Beginning a Composition
Unit 19 Paragraph Format
Unit 20 Writing Guidelines
Part IV Essays
Unit 21 Admission
Unit 22 Analysis
Unit 23 Autobiography
Unit 24 Argumentation
Unit 25 Cause and Effect
Unit 26 Comparison and Contrast
Unit 27 Critique
Unit 28 Definition
Unit 29 Description
Unit 30 Division and Classification
Unit 31 Evaluation
Unit 32 Exemplification
Unit 33 Explication
Unit 34 Exposition
Unit 35 Invitation
Unit 36 Journal
Unit 37 Literature
Unit 38 Narration
Unit 39 Opinion
Unit 40 Persuasion
Unit 41 Problem-Solution
Unit 42 Process
Unit 43 Resignation
Unit 44 Reflection
Unit 45 Review
Unit 46 Rhetoric

Download the EBook:
First, click My Account at the top right corner of the screen. Second, on the right side of the order number, click View Order. The screen will show the order is completed. Click the Remaining Download line at the bottom of the product name. After that, use the email you use to log into QBook as the password to download the EBook.

Registration Number:
You can click View Order at the right side of the order number. The registration number appears inside the Product Line column. Please go to  QBook Writing Center (//writingcenter.qbook.org) and use this registration number to register.

After registering, you can log into the QBook Writing Center and practice writing anytime and anywhere.

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