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Quick Presentations in English (Ebook)

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Quick Overview

This book can help anyone overcome his/her fear of making professional presentations. Through a structured approach, presentations are easy to learn and teach with this guide.
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ISBN: 978-0-9799042-6-4
Authors: Warden & Chen
Publisher: QBook

A New System to Learn:

Quick Presentations in English breaks a presentation into five main parts to make learning easy and fast. Hundreds of sample sentences are included for each stage of the presentation, making it easy to practice.

Multimedia Learning:

Four DVDs match the book with practice sentences all included in both audio and video. Example presentations include both one good example (how to do it right) and one bad example (things to be careful not to do). The presentations include an office meeting with staff, a consulting presentation to managers, a factory introduction to visitors, and an academic presentation.

For Class:

With 4 DVDs and 3 audio CDs, this package includes 8 full presentation examples, and hundreds of practice sentences and quizzes (PowerPoint slides also available for teachers).

Audio CDs

The English text is easy for students in Taiwan to follow while each point is followed up with graphic examples.
For teachers, you receive 4 DVDs for use in class as well as 3 audio CDs. The DVDs include eight presentations, four good and four bad, with English subtitles (that can be turned on or off). The sample presentations include business meetings, factory introduction, and conferences. Also on the DVDs are practices (ten practice sentences at a time, as well as quizzes and answers to quizzes). This is a great resource of the classroom if you want to give today's students more input as well as helping you add structure to your class.

Download the ebook:
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